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Textile lamination SVITAP

Textile lamination in our form refers to bonding a wide range of textile materials together with membranes. This results in textile laminates (with two or three layers) that have unique properties thanks to the special adhesive application technology, such as high water resistance, excellent vapour permeability and 100% wind resistance.

Textile laminates are used in many industries, e.g. in the production of sports, outdoor, work and fashion clothing, but also in various technical applications (e.g. in healthcare, automotive, etc.).

We work with three types of membranes:

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Types of membranes used in lamination



Made of 100% PU and with the nanofiber diameter of only 150 nm. Thanks to this unique structure, the nanofiber membrane has 25% more pores than other porous membranes (PTFE - GoreTex) and is characterized by high vapor permeability.

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Our PTFE microporous membrane laminates have been specially developed for windproof (softshell) and footwear laminates. During their development, great emphasis was placed on vapour permeability and 100% wind resistance.

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This hydrophilic membrane is made of highly flexible PU. In addition, compared to other non-porous membranes, it has a low surface weight and high vapour permeability, which we consider to be the most important comfort property.

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Comparison of vapour permeability of membranes

Comparison of vapour permeability of membranes

Why work with us

Many years of experience

We are a traditional Czech company with many years of experience in the textile industry. We promote new trends and with our potential, capacity and range of services we are a leading manufacturer of technical textiles in the Czech Republic.

We are flexible

We are able to respond flexibly to customer requirements and market trends and adjust our portfolio of products and services without lengthy approval processes. We stick to the motto "Those who want to, look for ways, those who don't, look for reasons."

Fair business

We care about good relations with business partners, employees and institutions. Our priority is long-standing relationships based on mutual understanding, attention to detail and fairness.

Czech quality

All our products are manufactured in the Czech Republic in our plants in Svitavy, Lomnice nad Popelkou and Chropyně in accordance with Czech and European law.